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Amrit Sandesh Complex, Above Laxmi Medical,
Opp Tehsil Office, G E Road, Raipur 492001 (C.G.)
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About Us

Not Feeling Yourself?

Feeling Irritable? Agitated? Worried? Anxious? Stressed? Guilty? Tired? Depressed? Lonely? Isolated? Lost? Burnt out? Unmotivated? Hopeless about the future? Dissatisfied with life? Has life lost meaning?

Is it difficult to enjoy things? To relate to others? To sleep, or get up?

Are you coping by eating, sleeping, spending, drinking or smoking more?

May be it's time to consider therapy with a Clinical Psychologist. Consult Psychologists, Dr.Ela Gupta, at Consult Psychologist is, caring, and dedicated to helping you make the change necessary to improve your mental health, well being and satisfaction with life. Collectively, having experiance over many years experience working with adults, adolescents, and children with various psychological problems/issues (see Client Issues)

Specific experience, continuing professional development and supervision mean we are recognised by Medicare as providing clinical psychological services. We utilise scientifically validated, up-to-date psychological treatments to bring about the best possible treatment outcomes. The overwhelming research evidence indicating the effectiveness of psychological therapy for a variety of emotional and psychological difficulties is accepted and has been used by many.

Will you put your needs first, as many have done with this service, and realise the benefits of our psychological help and services? See Client Satisfaction and Treatment Outcome Data to help you decide.

For further information or any enquiries, please contact us.

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